Julie Metzger Aubuchon
for Florence City Council


 We need to continue to keep Florence an thriving community by focusing on our business small & large.  The business community is looking for a community that focuses on:
                                        1.Keeping the tax rates low
                                        2.Adequate city services
                           3.Good Schools
                                        4.An appropriate mix of housing available
                           5.Amenities such as recreation that are needed to attract out of town workers to our area. 

Dr. Metzger Aubuchon states:“I feel that the experience I bring to Council is needed because I am one of the few business owners that is running for Council.  I know what it is like to make a payroll, cut expenses, manage employees and strive to provide a high level of service to my patients (customers).” “Further, I believe that as a mother, and the only woman running for council, I am in a unique position to identify with the needs of our city’s families.  I know that they want the City to provide a safe and thriving community to raise their children.  I understand that the decisions we make with regard to balancing our budget will have a direct impact on those families. “

"I am pleased with our recent Citizen Survey results that nearly 90% of our residents are satisfied with the services budgeted for by Council and provided by city employees."

Citizens of Florence are satisfied with the service they receive. Of the nineteen service areas addressed in this survey, eleven had rates of satisfaction of 90%. Six areas were above 80%.
                                                                                             ~Taken from the 2011 City of Florence Survey

 Florence City Council members do not receive a pension from the City.

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